How do I redeem my voucher ?

After placing the items you want to buy in your shopping cart, open the card by chlick!

In the first step of the checkout, the cart will open with the following window:

Your vouchers
You can post your credit at the checkout.
Your current balance is: 0,00 EUR
You can continue to pay your balance in the form of a voucher.
How? Click here:
Send Coupon

Enter under "Redeem Voucher?"
their voucher number and confirm by clicking the "Redeem" Button.

In the second step (Shipping option) from the checkout
confirm Shipping address and the Delivery method and click .

In the third step (Payment method) from the checkout
check the Bill postal address and sign Payment method.

Very important, now you must click the option "Credits Available "Gift Vouchers
Tick to use Gift Voucher account balance !

Don't forget to accept our general business and supplying-conditions !

Now complete, only the checkout and the coupon is redeemed.

If you have a question regarding this, please contact us.

Your Legsware Team