Vintage Nylon Stockings

Fashion is always obsessed with women's legs, they are the starting point for every new collection. How much is shown, how much is hidden - the sensual play with the leg is always fascinating. It is the most intensive method to create erotic tension and perfect elegance. They can completely change a look and make it look casually luxurious or seductive. Unevenness and small blemishes are magically gone. Anyone who wears nylon stockings or pantyhose will be stimulated with every movement by the tight fit on the leg and the smooth, tightly woven nylon material. The nylon glides gently but audibly over all seating surfaces, providing another sensory stimulus. The suspenders used when wearing stockings also have an erotic effect. Black or red nylon stockings in particular have a tremendous effect, but skin-colored stockings make women's legs very attractive. The security of beautiful legs makes women self-confident and free. It gives you confidence in your own sensuality. Finally, the gentle shimmering of the leg allows hidden views of the object of desire. Seamed nylons, on the other hand, are particularly sexy. Also visit our social networks.

If you have a special request for nylon stockings that you did not find here in the shop, then please send us an e-mail under "Contact". We have a lot of individual pieces that we haven't been able to list in our shop yet. We wish you a lot of fun in our shop!