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Since August 2008, we offer real Vintage US Nylon Stockings
with or without seam from the 40s, 50s and 60s.
Only here you can find real old vintage nylon stockings from American producers as Albert's,
Berkshire, Friut of the Loom, Hanes, Ideal, Meyers, Mojud, Schiaparelli, Van Raalte, Veitel, Zebra and many others.
With more than 3,000 pairs genuine American Vintage Stockings in various colors,
sizes and designs in the shop, we are likely to be the No. 1 worldwide.
In addition, we still have more than 20,000 pairs with original boxes in stock.
You deserve it, only the original and the best for your lovely and beautiful legs.
We hope you enjoy shopping on our site.
Your Legsware Shop Team


Vintage nylon stockings are unique today.
They are no longer manufactured in this way.
Our stock is therefore limited. Every pair sold will never come back.
So make your decision today or soon, because tomorrow it may be too late.

Here you will find our special offers
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As a lover and connoisseur you know, the sensual play with the leg is always fascinating. It is the most intense way to create erotic tension and perfect elegance. Following his passion does not mean abandoning himself to a paradigm. Anyone wearing original Vintage Nylon Stockings from America will be stimulated by the tight fit on the leg, the smooth, close-meshed nylon material with every movement. The nylon glides softly but audibly over all seat surfaces and exerts thereby another sensory stimulus. The garters used when wearing nylon stockings also have an erotic effect. Particularly black or red nylon stockings exert a tremendous effect, but the skin-colored stockings make the women's legs very attractive. Beautiful legs make women confident and free. It gives you confidence in your own sensuality. The gentle shining through of the leg finally allows hidden glances on the object of desire. Seam nylon stockings are again very sexy and have a particularly captivating effect on every observer. For this reason, you should also give your loved one or confidante a beautiful and unique pair of real vintage nylon stockings. See it all as an exciting adventure, because that is what it is to live your passion.

10 years online. Original Vintage US Nylon Stockings from the 50/60. You will receive great quality at a very good price.
Pay by bank transfer or securely with PAYPAL. We are looking forward to your visit.