Suspender Belts

When you want your lingerie to have the complete look you need a stunning garter belt and a great pair of vintage nylon stockings. Stockings and suspender belts epitomise glamour and femininity. Whether you are completely new to suspender belts or a seasoned wearer of them we will have one to suit you. Modern women to start replacing their tights with stockings. The choice of suspender belt or girdle is essential. You must give preference to a model that seats and hold its position perfectly on your heaps without compressing or warping. That way, your beautiful stockings will always be well stretched whatever your posture. The garter must be flexible but firm. The clip must pinch the top of the nylon stocking without crushing itself and with the vintage stocking not being able to escape.
Bronze Garter Belt Suspenderbelt 8 Metal Garters
Retro Suspenderbelt with 8 Quality Metal Clips are extremely comfortable seductive classic suspenders 1950s style in Bronze.
48,95 EUR
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