General informations to shipping costs


Our delivery methods have changed from 03/12/2011, so that we now ship our products only with a shipping confirmation. For this reason, we now have only three weight classes (up to 0.25 kg, 1 kg and up to 2 kg). The confirmation of delivery is for your and our security. Our prices for the packing and shipping cost uninsured or insured are fair calculated. The price for the shipping cost forwarding generally consists of postage or shipping cost and the packing costs. The basis of the calculation for pure postage and shipping cost is the tariff from Post Luxembourg, which usually results from the respective price for the weight. If you fill your shopping cart and enter your address, you will keep the exact shipping cost specified, before you lock your order.

- All offers are not-binding and do not commit themselves not to the order acceptance.
- All prices are valid in EUR (euro).
- All our prices contain at present valid legal value added tax.
- Partial deliveries and part deliveries are permissible.

If differently does not agree, the supply takes place starting from our depot in Luxembourg to the ship-to-address indicated by the orderer. With uninsured shipping, the danger turns into on the orderer, as soon as the goods left our depot in Luxembourg. All indicated dates of delivery are noncommittal and exclude in distortion setting of claims for damages of all kinds and cancellation of the buyer of the contract.

From a order value of 300 EURO shipping costs by registered letter to EUROPE are free of charge!

Shipping costs

Valid starting from 1st November 2011


Shipping costs uninsured per weight



Direct Order from this Countries is possible. Cost of shipping
are computed automatically in this Online-Shop.



 up to 0,25 kg = €6,00; up to 1 kg = €7,00; up to 2 kg = €8,00




Shipping costs insured per weight



 Luxembourg up to 2 kg €   8,00 insured to  € 500
 Belgium, Netherlands up to 2 kg € 13,00 insured to  € 500
Germany, France, Austria up to 2 kg € 16,00 insured to  € 500
Denmark, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic

up to 1 kg

€ 19,00

insured to  € 180
up to 2 kg € 22,00
Ireland, Greece, Latvia, Norway, Spain, Hungary, England

up to 1 kg

€ 22,00

insured to  € 180
up to 2 kg € 25,00

up to 1 kg

€ 24,00

insured to  € 180
up to 2 kg € 28,00
Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Cyprus up to 1 kg € 25,00 insured to  € 180
up to 2 kg € 29,00


Please note: With insured shipping we can't ship to a "Packstation" (e.g. Germany)!



Customs duties:

Delivers within the European Union are liberating from any customs duties. The customer and/or receiver must declare supplies into countries outside of the European Union however with receipt !  

Delivery times
Their order is worked on after receipt immediately by us. They receive automatic confirmation email after mailing the order, in which you can read again all details of your order in summary. During payment by pay in advance you find here also our bank account informations. The distribution of your order takes place with articles, which are characterized in the Shop as immediately available, the same day after receipt of your payment. We dispatch your order uninsured or insured with P&T Luxembourg. The running times for the distribution amounted to usually 2 -7 working-days, before holidays or in vacation times it can come however to restrictions, on which we have unfortunately no influence.
- the delivery into most European countries arrive within 5 - 10 days. Supplies into most other countries take between one and three weeks.
- during delivery delay we will inform you immediately by email.
- a supply is considered as acceptance refused if the acceptance or supplies poste restante were refused, ignored or forgotten. Into the further here the general supply and distribution conditions of the Post Luxembourg.

Consider please:

In order to protect discretion, the neutral address of our depot in Luxembourg is noted as senders of the commodity. Their order becomes in a neutral packing supplied, naturally without reference to contents of the supply. If you want to send the order to someone as a gift and do not want us to include the delivery note, please let us know via e-mail.
With transport damages before the goods received an immediate damage assessment is to be too arranged by the receiver and it is a written certificate of the harm-taking up place (post office) to be caught up. The unreserved assumption of the supply by the sender is considered as proof for the perfect condition of the commodity at the time of the passage of the risk and excludes subject to the rebutting evidence of claims for damages against the salesman. For the keeping of any rights to take recourse approximately third has to in-be entitled the buyer. 
Payment possibilities

Purchase by bank transfer

In the order confirmation, which you receive for the confirmation of your order, you wil find the open total amount of their order inclusive shipping costs, the part number as well as our bank account. Please make sure during the transfer that the amount is correct (inclusive shipping costs and fees of the bank). After the total amount is on our bank account, we will send your goods immediately.

Bank account:

IBAN:                      ES 9521 0054 6182 0100 106517

Adresse of our Bank:
La Caixa, Avenida Tirajana 5461, Euromar 35, E-35100 S. Bartolome de Tirajana, Espania


Please consider with transfers the following references: If you want to pay with bank transfer please always wait for the electronic invoice/email from us! Please indicate in principle the payment reason contained in the electronic invoice (order number Legsware).

Owing to the EU guidelines the EU standard transfer, which is implemented with the help of the international account number (IBAN), may not do any more cost than an inland transfer. Transfer fees must pay by the buyer. (Payment with PayPal is without fees for the buyer!)

Purchase by PayPal (All countries)

If you want to pay with PayPal, it will be the easiest way. They are continued to lead automatically in the process of the Warenkorbes and payment procedure to PayPal. Pay comfortably with its PayPal account. In addition, as PayPal customer does not exist to settle the possibility for you for example by credit card the invoice amount over PayPal. Please consider: If you should pay with PayPal by bank credit transfer, that can retard the delivery time.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a on-line payment service, with which you pay in on-line shops reliably, simply and fast - and that is free for the buyer.
Safty: Their bank or credit card data is deposited only with PayPal. Therefore they are not sent again with each on-line purchase over the Internet.
Easy: You pay with two Klicks. Because you fall back to their with PayPal deposited bank or credit card data, instead of entering it with each purchase again.
Schnell: PayPal payments arrive fast. Then we can send the goods away immediately and you receive them in former times.
Announce and use PayPal immediately:
• Open a PayPal account under (Languages: English, German)
•Link your bank account or your credit card with your PayPal account.
•And already you can pay with PayPal.

More information you will find under:

Availability, supply and delivery reservation


The availability of an article you please infer from the respective product description at the time of the order.



   Stock: = indicating quantity     


Supply and delivery reservation

Deliveries are possible for putting commodity in on-line shop within the European union (European Union) and/or Europe. Supplies outside of EUROPE please inquire! Legsware will work on and to the customer will communicate orders within 48 hours whether the desired products are available and/or whether the supply of the goods takes place. As far as the ordered products are available, will putting commodity this after receipt of the payment snap possible to deliver. If articles were ordered, which are not in stock, the supply takes place with order acceptance within 30 days. Supplies by putting commodity always take place under the reservation that putting commodity is supplied for his part completely and in time and the missing availability of the article not to represent has. The asserting of payment of damages is impossible, as far as no rough negligence or resolution is present on the part of putting commodity. If a certain article or Ersatzartikel should not be available, putting commodity is justified to refuse the supply. Putting commodity will inform the buyer immediately about the missing deliverability. The agreement of longer delivery times on your desire is possible. We are entitled to partial deliveries to reasonable extent, additional forwarding expenses develop however only when express agreement.



Our Bank account information:

La Caixa,
Avenida Tirajana 5461,
Euromar 35,
E-35100 S. Bartolome de Tirajana - Espania

IBAN: ES 9521 0054 6182 0100 106517